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Truth be told, I can’t fucking stand Amber.

The biggest thing is the Cancer Card. It is a horrific thing to think that someone would have to go through cancer, but the way that Amber brings it up as a tool for attention, and that she brings it up at moments when it’s not warranted, it’s just fishy to me. I don’t knock her for going through it, but I do knock her for making it something that she’s trying to get attention for.

The attention thing is the segway to my next problem with her: she’s trying so hard this season; it’s just coming out of her pores. I’ve heard since the moment that she was cast on RHONJ that she did this because she’s an aspiring actress, and I can so tell. She’s been over the top, she’s starting issues with a show veteran that she can’t back up, and she’s fighting with the new girls to give herself more attention too. Meanwhile, she’s sucking up to the show’s queen bee by somehow trying to connect her cancer experience with Teresa’s legal dramas.

Her husband makes me gag. I’m going to put this frankly: he’s a little bitch. Jim needs to man up if he wants to be on the show with these people - he can be steamrolled by any of the other cast members at any moment. Just like his wife, I can so tell that he’s wanting the attention from doing this show - you can tell by that damn guilty smirk on his face in his interviews! He’s trying to make his and his wife’s storylines as juicy as possible, but that well has run dry three episodes into the season. Amber and Jim are transparent and shallow; you can see right through them, and you’ll notice there’s not much too them (even though they try to make it seem like they’ve got it going on).

^That is going to be me watching any season that Amber & Jim are in this season.

The Real Housewives of Melbourne are coming to Bravo this upcoming Sunday!!!

The Australian spin-off of the Bravo franchise The Real Housewives is coming to Bravo for a special airing this Sunday - August 3rd.

For those who have ever wanted to watch one of the foreign adaptions of the Real Housewives, the Melbourne spin-off will be on Bravo this Sunday!


Meet Lydia, Gina, Jackie, Andrea, Chyka, & Janet this Sunday on Bravo at 12/11central!

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